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  • Brian Myers

Decisions on Designated Survior

Most of us cannot imagine the pressure a man experiences when the fate of entire world rests on the outcome of his decisions. None of us envy the decisions that President Kirkman must make in Designated Survivor. However, we can sympathize with his position in this episode because we all must make difficult decisions to resolve conflicts in our lives. Some situations call for a show of force: she must discipline a misbehaving child, he must quit a job when a company is taking advantage of him, they need to break up because the relationship is not healthy for either of them. Other situations call for a more diplomatic approach: he takes his teenage son for a walk in a park to have a serious discussion about his poor decisions, she asks for a meeting with her boss to have a courageous conversation, they find forgiveness in their hearts and agree to try again. These decisions are not easy and they are not black and white. Even when a display of force is called for we must discern when, how much, where, how long. Do you spank the child or will a timeout be more effective? Do you agree to see each other less frequently or is it time to never see this person again? Sometimes we make these decisions in split moments, following our gut instincts. Sometimes we agonize over these decisions for days or weeks before taking action. We learn to live with the consequences of our choices and sometimes we realize we were wrong and we must ask for forgiveness. Sometimes we observe a president making decisions we cannot fathom and it prompts us to take a moment to reflect on how we would react. It is good to take time to reflect on your decisions, to reflect on the small acts of diplomacy and force that you make every day and discern if your actions are effective or if its time to try a new approach. Ask God for guidance and for wisdom as we navigate the challenges of our lives.

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