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  • Brian Myers

First Class and Flight Delays

I recently flew across the country on vacation. On the way there, I had the opportunity to fly first class for the first time! I sat in a spacious seat and was served a delicious meal on real dishes. It was wonderful. However, things were not as great on the way home. My flight was delayed, and then my connecting flight was cancelled. I had to go to a hotel for the night before spending several more hours waiting for another delayed flight the next morning. While the seat may not have been as comfortable and the time waiting in the airport wasn't fun, I did eventually make it to my destination. I made it home to be reunited with my family.

I reflected on these two experiences and thought it might provide some insight on our journey through life. Some days are good like riding first class, while other days are challenging like experiencing flight delays and sitting in middle seats. Whether the day is good or bad, there is one thing that is constant. Our final destination is known. At the end of the journey, we will arrive in our heavenly home where we will be united with God.



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