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  • Brian Myers

Meet a Celebrity

Recently while eating dinner together as a family, my youngest daughter informed us that she wanted to meet one of her favorite YouTubers. We gently tried to change the subject, but she started crying. With tears streaming down her face, she insisted that she wanted to meet this person. We finally had to explain that it is very uncommon for people to get to meet celebrities. While we might feel like we know celebrities from watching them on a screen, they do not know us. They have thousands or even millions of fans and cannot possibly meet and get to know them all.

As my daughter finally calmed down, I told her that there is one very famous person who does want to know her personally. In fact, this might be the most famous person in the history of the world. Jesus is a famous celebrity who has millions, even billions, of followers. Yet Jesus wants to have a personal relationship with her. She does not have to wait in a line or travel a long distance to meet Jesus. She can talk to Him any time she wants. My daughter started to get excited, but then she asked how Jesus can listen to her pray if so many other people might be talking to Him at the same time. I explained that Jesus is so amazing that he can listen to millions of people talking to him all at the same time and He really cares about each and every one of them!

My daughter doesn't understand that the celebrity, who as child made the YouTube videos she enjoys, grew up to be an adult who is not a very good role model. As a father, I am happy that that the one famous person who wants to have a relationship with my daughter also happens to be one of the only famous celebrities who never sinned. He is a perfect role model. Any parent would be proud to have their son or daughter look up to Jesus and imitate him. We are all blessed with the opportunity to build a relationship with this famous celebrity!



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