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  • Brian Myers

Loves Me More

I love my daughters! Even more than they could know.

I was enjoying some special time out with my daughter, and I asked her what her favorite thing was that she was learning at school. She said, "Learning about Jesus!" I asked her what she is learning about Jesus, and she said, "He loves me even more than Daddy and Mommy and Grandma and Grandpa and anybody!"

In Amoris Laetitia, Pope Francis said "“Children, once born, begin to receive, along with nourishment and care, the spiritual gift of knowing with certainty that they are loved. ... Such is love, and it contains a spark of God’s love! ... Husband and wife, father and mother, both cooperate with the love of God the Creator, and are, in a certain sense, his interpreters. They show their children the maternal and paternal face of the Lord" (Amoris Laetitia 172).

I love my daughters! Even more than they could know. But even the love I have for them pales in comparison to Jesus' love for them. Jesus loves my daughter, and while she will be in school for most of the next two decades, she will never learn anything more important.



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